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바로 오늘!!


스프링 프레임워크 3.1.2 가 올라왔다~





음 많은 버그들이 수정 되었다.



요기를 참고하시라~~



Changes in version 3.1.2 (2012-07-09)

* removed INDEX.LIST entries from Spring jar META-INF dirs
* fixed OSGi metadata for optional "javax.inject" package import
* fixed AbstractResource's InputStream-based "contentLength()" implementation
* fixed MutablePropertySources "get" implementation to correctly return null if not found
* fixed @PropertySource placeholder resolution to apply to all specified values
* JDBC parameter binding uses JDBC 3.0 ParameterMetaData (if available) for type determination
* added "jtaTransactionManager" property to Hibernate 4 LocalSessionFactoryBean/Builder
* EhCacheFactoryBean applies listeners and enabled/disabled flags to existing cache regions as well
* added "repeatCount" bean property to Quartz SimpleTriggerFactoryBean
* support executor qualification with @Async#value
* ServletContextResource's getFile implementation falls back to getRealPath for non-existent files
* fixed StandardServletMultipartResolver compatibility with Resin (only deleting actual file parts)
* fixed RequestConditionHolder to return null when no match is found
* fixed concurrency issue in AnnotationMethodHandlerExceptionResolver
* fixed issue with parsing invalid Content-Type or Accept headers
* added "defaultCharset" property to StringHttpMessageConverter
* added Jackson 2 HttpMessageConverter and View types
* translate IOException on EOF from Jackson to HttpMessageNotReadableException
* fix content negotiation issue when sorting selected media types by quality value
* raise RestClientException instead of IllegalArgumentException for unknown status codes
* discover controllers based on type-level @RequestMapping in new @MVC support classes
* fixed issue with suffix pattern in AnnotationMethodHandlerAdapter
* merge rather than add URI vars in ExtendedServletRequestDataBinder
* raise RestClientException for unknown HTTP status codes
* fixed issue with encoded params in UriComponentsBuilder
* XStreamMarshaller converts StreamException to Spring exception in case of unmarshalling an empty stream
* corrected DispatcherPortlet behavior to not forward event exceptions to the render phase by default


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